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Wintercamping in Sweden

Winter is near, and the nights are getting colder. When waking up the roofs are covered with this tiny frost layer. This slight frost is very lovely in the morning when the sun in shining. I know, especially when you are sitting inside sipping your coffee all snuggled up under a blanket. Did you ever think of going camping during winter time? I can tell you that I have not. I mean…I am not that brave. I do love a good winter outdoorsy walk, where you feel the cold on your cheeks but camping would be a whole other story.

But let me tell you that ‘winter camping’ is getting more and more something to do. Thinking of Sweden or Switzerland where you have those pretty landscapes covered with snow and tall trees. You can go camping in a campervan but glamping in nice and fancy places are getting more popular as well. I always said: once in my life, I would like to spend Christmass up North. In the snow, in a cabin with a good fireplace. Just me and my family.

Imagine sleeping on a ski slope, and being the first in the morning on the slope. I like snowboarding but have not done it for years and even then I was a beginner so I guess if we ever go winter camping we just go outside to walk and enjoy the surroundings. Maybe enjoy a good campfire and baking a sausage in the fire. Would you go camping in the snow?

Photo | Ulf Lundin/imagebank.sweden.se

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