Before our little girl was born my guy and I discussed traveling, and then mainly with a plane,  with a newborn or a toddler. It did not take long before we found out we both think the same about this. And it’s mainly the thought that it is not done. Well in our opinion.  Although there are circumstances where we would understand, like family abroad. But not for a fun trip. Why would you bring young children on a plane – and even for hours and hours? Like there are no good holidays closer to home? Like said I do understand there are circumstances where the parents live abroad and you do would like to show your little one to your parents.

We went to Lisbon last june and we saw some parents dragging (oh yes dragging by the arm) a kid around the city to go explore it. It ended up with a frustrated dad and mum, both angry at each other and the kid. And…well then there was yelling at the kid. In that case the kids were no newborns anymore but still quite young. I understand you would like to do things with your kids as well, because I am one of those that feel you should not do nothing anymore because you have a kid. But a holiday can be something else then a city trip. When kids are a bit older, like when they can walk themselves we feel you can bring your kids. We would then do some kids stuff as well. One day a museum and the next day some funfair, theme park or other thing where the kid(s) would be happy. And then we got back to those parents with that kid dragging and shouting at it in Lisbon. Who knows if they were at a funfair the day before and had planned a day in the park so the kid could play all day? So who were we to judge? It did made us think about traveling with kids. Seems not that easy as you think. Or is it?

It did however made us decide we were not taking a plane with a very young kid. A holiday closer to home would be good as well. I mean it’s up to yourself how amazing the holiday will be. Okay for real sunshine you might need to travel a bit further but we are thinking about driving to Germany this summer. She is too young to do kid stuff. But we do can take her for a walk in a nice nature area, or just chilling at a cabin. Many parents made it work so we will manage as well. And if we really need our holiday away to the sun (or North for that matter) we might need to do in on our own or she has to stay some days at grandpa and grandma. I don’t think they would mind. And then just a few days.

So we decided to go on the road with out car. We have a very small car. When it is packed with baby stuff it is quite full. And yes, you need a shit load of stuff for such a tiny human. So we are also thinking about a new car. It might join our family after the first holiday. I think that first holiday will be fairly easy. She cannot talk, does not wanna do kids play things all the time and so on. However in a few years she will. And how should you plan and manage your holiday than? We still have enough time to think about it and I will post some tips ‘n tricks in a blog soon. Because I did already think about it. We love to travel and we hope she will too.

I am curious what you did? Did you take a plane when you kid was a few months old, or do you think it is not done? Let me know!

photo | Kaelie Nielsen

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