Dressing Up


The Swedish store LINDEX just showed their spring and summer collection. Well a few pieces of course. But usually it will outline what direction they are heading with their main collection. As they always have different collections to cater to everyones needs. I feel that the regular women collections is always something to look forward too. I always have a few pieces that I would love to have. And this time they make me very curious for the spring to come.

With this collection they flirted a bit with the 70s style and they also try to bring denim back into like in various items. For they 70s pieces they were inspired by strong women like Brigit Bardot and Lauren Hutton. And even with a wink to the 70s I feel you can see the Scandinavian style in the clothes. I am not sure how to say it in English but a bit of minimalistic and simple. But not simple as easy but more that there is not too much added to the pieces. No 20 buttons just for fun. But neat lines. The denim collection will get more attention throughout the spring. These pieces already look very promising don’t you thing? Sadly a denim dress or blouse never looks good on me. But maybe I just have to try it on once more.
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Interior & Design


Fist of all I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

One of the things my guy and I want for a longer time is a new chair in our living room. It needs to be a little bit of an eye catcher, it must be comfortable and my guy likes to sit on it in front of the tv so he can play games up close to the screen. So it has some points that needs to be toggled.

And right now, well I am not so sure how fast we will get another chair because we have this big baby box in there taking a bit of space as well. Of course what my guy would prefer Continue Reading

On the Road


Since the first icehotel in Sweden, which was founded in 1989, this hotel will rise in cold winterly Sweden. An can be found in Jukkasjärvi. Every year it will be build and every year it will look different. Besides ice they put a lot of effort in the art displayed in the hotel. This year visitors could make suggestions for the rooms. The snow and natural ice they used to build it is coming from one of Europe’s last wild rivers Torne river which lies 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.  People can enjoy it until nature warms up and the hotel will melt in spring.

There are different rooms to chose from. And if you would like to stay and enjoy the north a bit longer but one night in a cold icy room is enough they have packages where you stay one night in a cold icy room in combination with a stay in a warm chalet. You can learn how to ice sculpture and enjoy a dinner on ice. Continue Reading

On the Road


It has been a long time since we visited Sintra, but I still had to share this place to stay. Simply because it is absolutely lovely. We stayed a few days at Oh Casa Sintra. I wrote before that our stay in Cascais was great, but this one was great too. A tap on the shoulder for me, for finding these online. Oh yes, I just did that. But this was a great find. It starts with the place. There is a parking area and it has a nice garden where you can sit and relax. We had breakfast in the garden but also a late afternoon glass of wine. Continue Reading



Let me share a little bit of how my first weeks have been. My little girl is already 4 weeks old, time goes fast. It is weird to realise she is already 4 weeks old but with the lack of sleep the days can feel rather long and the nights very short. What I do know is that the first week was strange, and everything was new. I was happy we had someone around that made me wake up, brought me breakfast and told me things about being a mum and how to handle a little one and how to take care of her without being affright of breaking something. As she is so tiny. Continue Reading



Oh wow I just became a mum of this little bundle of joy! She is now one week old and my life just turned upside down I can tell you. She is absolutely amazing and perfect. And I am so so tired. Trying to find a rhythm during the nights to feed her. She can sleep longer now between feeds but somehow she only wants more faster. She is even more tiny then we expected. I might be absent here for a little while, but enjoying this little girl to the fullest!

In the Kitchen


Sometimes your eye catches something and you are pulled in for a unknown reason. Well I had this when my eyes saw the title Ruokakirja. From my few Finnish lessons I still remember those two words which makes up for food book, as in cookbook. Which made me curious. Would this be a book with nice and lovely Finnish recipes? So I clicked and read it and found out it is going to be that what I was looking for.

I mean sure you can find Finnish recipes online if you search where one tells one of their family recipes but I was looking for a book. Where more would be packed together and preferably with some nice photo’s. I mean don’t you just love it when there is a pretty styled photo of the dish. I know I love that visual input next the way how you need to make the dish. It is also usually the meals I will try to make myself. But this seems to be just what I am looking for. Continue Reading