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Ikea teamed up with Ingegerd Råman, one of Swedish most known glas designer. Who together with Nike Karlsson and Wiebke Braasch designed the new VIKTIGT collection. This collection has handmade products from glas and natural fibers and stand out in pure simplicity.

And I cannot wait for these to hit the shop. I need to plan an Ikea visit in early may. I have white plates with an edge like these from another store. But they do not sell them anymore. I think it would be cool to mix it up with some of these black beauties don’t you think. And maybe some Marimekko black and white mugs. I can’t wait for those summer dinners outside. For that I also need a stop over at Ikea to buy some items for my balcony. Because I still have nothing don’t there. And in spring it is so nice to sit there up high. I can picture it, sitting in the sun and enjoying some lunch or dinner with this plates.


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