Almost two months have passed since my last post. I do not know what happened, it is two months later before I could blink with my eyes. My mini human is growing so fast. And I realised I am not the cool mum. I am not one of those that seem to manage everything,  one that goes out and about when their little one is only a few weeks old. I still have days where coffee is my best friend and I am not joking when I say that last Friday evening we, my guy and I, were in bed at freaking 9 o’clock. Really. We were exhausted.

Our little one is so lovely. She starts to smile with twinkly eyes of adoration when she sees one of our cats. She tries to crawl and moves around the floor and she is not even 7 months old. She likes daddies guitar and her baby keyboard. She still smiles a lot and she is just amazing. But her world is getting bigger and that takes a lot of energy. But she is a stubborn little girl, and she does not wanna sleep. She loves attention but plays on her own just as easy. And when she is waking up and 5.30 in the morning and I am standing next to her crib half asleep wondering why the …[and yes add some swear words in here] she is wide awake already. Well then smiles at me, her eyes looking for mine and well at that moment my heart just melts. I love her so much.

But I have not been blogging at all. She goes to bed a little earlier the last days as her days are so full with exploring that she needs to go to sleep a wee earlier. So I start to have a little bit of evening for my own. Or I can finally snuggle up next to my guy and watch a movie. Or maybe it is finally the moment where we start to enjoy these hours before we go to sleep. So I hope to start blogging again.

As said above in the title there are a few blogs that I love to read at the moment, and yes I am sorry. I said I was not going to turn into some lady that can only talk about her little girl and motherhood. But then whom was I kidding and what was I thinking. Becoming a mum simply does change your world and your life. Sadly I am not as cool as some mums but I think I am quite okay. So here is my little list.

Well, I actually followed her on Instagram. She was pregnant and has just become a mum and it all seems so easy on her. Her blog is in Dutch, sorry for some of you here! I started following her because I liked her food and house and interior posts.

I was a fan already before my little mini was born. It is about kids, life, fashion and a lot of inspiration inspired by all things Scandinavian. Yeah, that sounds like something I would like, doesn’t it?
This Christmas I even won something from this blog, which is pretty amazing. She blogs a lot about kids clothing, lifestyle, travel ideas and fashion.

Actually, I just found out about this one. So I am not sure if this blog is a keeper on the reading list. But this post about certain time or places where you should make photo’s of your kids is a great one.

I love these photos about her life as a family. The peek into their lives and home. Somehow you just wanna join in with all the fun they seem to have.

Oh yeah, this has nothing to do with babies! She is a very cool Dutch photographer and she makes the most loveliest photos of weddings. Outdoor style with loads of nature. Me likes. So yeah I like reading her post as a photographer but also a girl/woman who is sometimes dreaming about her wedding. So check her work!


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