In need of a little ‘hygge’

The days get colder and darker, and winter is coming! I love the pretty lights from traffic when I am in a train home and you stare outside. I love snuggling up under a blanket and lighting up candles in the house. But the changing of the seasons and weather also make me a bit moody and melancholic. I long for the winter coziness. Maybe best described as the Danish ‘hygge‘.

Hygge might be explained as something like enjoying the good things in life and sharing it with the people you love.  The warm glowing light of candles and snuggling up under a blanket. Best with good food and drinks. A nice red wine or what about gluhwein. It might not be weird longing for this as the Danes are known to be the happiest people on the planet. But somehow it also feels a tad depressing to me, well maybe that is more the longing for the hygge-feeling. Luckily for me, hygge can also be found in the little things, like a cup of hot choco with a good dash of whipped cream.

The word hygge has its origins in Norwegian languages and not Danish. It comes from the word ‘wellbeing’. And yes, I am very well when sitting with family around a fireplace sipping a cup of hot choco or enjoying a good red wine.

Last weekend I went out for an event in the outdoors. It was to plant trees in a nature reserve kind or area. We also took a walk with a guide who told us more about the trees that grow in that area. After a long walk, my hands and nose got cold. Luckily there were big open fires for people to stand around and warm up and enjoy each others company. A day well spent.
Time for me to dive into some cookbooks and plan our Christmas dinner. My parents and sister are coming over for some hygge!
How do you enjoy hygge and are you looking forward to the last days of the year?


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