On the Road


The sun is shining these days, not very powerful and not for long periods but we can all feel it. Spring is coming. And with that the summer holiday plan making time. Or maybe you already did that. We are not sure jet. We have plans to take the car to Germany and travel around. It will be our fist holiday with the little one. One thing I would like to do when she is a bit older is a bike holiday in Denmark.

Not talking the real bike-like people. No tour the France or off road mountain biking. No, just a good bike and getting from one place to another. With a lot of sightseeing along the way. I think it would be really nice to bike from town to town as you see more along the road, like smaller villages. And it would be easier to stop along the road when you see something nice. Just park the bikes and you can stroll around.

These days a bike holiday would be more easy to plan as well as these days there are  hotel chains up North that offer biking around holidays where you do not have to carry your own luggage when cycling and exploring. They make sure your suitcases will be delivered at the next hotel. Or you can bring your own tent and sleeping bag with you and sleep at campsites.

Why would you do it? it’s not just riding from A to B, there’s lots of places to visit en route. Whether it’s for lunch, a good photo stop or just to enjoy the sunset. If you need to bike a longer distance these breaks will make it more do-able as well, even with kids. It is on my to do list for the future with our girl.

Photo | Danish tourism board

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