A little crazy, pigheaded and very curious. Living together with my boyfriend, my lovely little girl and two crazy cats in our own house. I love to walk around in the forest and to drink wine if possible with friends and family. I love autumn because of the colors, the candles in the house but I also love the sun, spring and summer picnics. Basically I love all seasons although I sometimes forget to enjoy them. I should make more walks in the forest, maybe this will start to happen with my little girl around. I have a great job at a green energy supplier and love to make photo’s.

My love for Scandinavia all started when I started working at IKEA. A possibility to do a short work placement abroad came along and I took the chance. I chose Sweden. I worked at IKEA so I thought it would be fun to see Sweden. However school decided that I and a few others would go to Finland. I was in Helsinki for 5 weeks in 2003 and then it all went wrong. I got Finland hooked! I loved it up there, the language, the people, nature and sauna. In 2004 I spend a two week holiday over there on my own which was great and I also spend New Year’s Eve there in 2006, and I studied for 6 months in Finland. And it did not only stay with Finland, I love to explore the other Nordic countries as well. I studied tourism with a focus on marketing and Cross Cultural Studies. I had a great time up north, being an exchange student called “Erasmus”. Ever since then I wanna go back all the time.

My mother was kinda scared that I would meet the man in my life over there and would move up there. I am super happy in my own house with my guy in the Netherlands but still it always itches to travel. I would love to spend a few months traveling the north with a van and my camera, to write a travel book with my stories and photo’s (cause I love photography) Another dream is to own a cabin somewhere over there preferably situated at a lake.