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Ikea teamed up with Ingegerd Råman, one of Swedish most known glas designer. Who together with Nike Karlsson and Wiebke Braasch designed the new VIKTIGT collection. This collection has handmade products from glas and natural fibers and stand out in pure simplicity.

And I cannot wait for these to hit the shop. I need to plan an Ikea visit in early may. I have white plates with an edge like these from another store. But they do not sell them anymore. I think it would be cool to mix it up with some of these black beauties don’t you think. And maybe some Marimekko black and white mugs. I can’t wait for those summer dinners outside. For that I also need a stop over at Ikea to buy some items for my balcony. Because I still have nothing don’t there. And in spring it is so nice to sit there up high. I can picture it, sitting in the sun and enjoying some lunch or dinner with this plates.


On the Road



The sun is shining these days, not very powerful and not for long periods but we can all feel it. Spring is coming. And with that the summer holiday plan making time. Or maybe you already did that. We are not sure jet. We have plans to take the car to Germany and travel around. It will be our fist holiday with the little one. One thing I would like to do when she is a bit older is a bike holiday in Denmark.

Not talking the real bike-like people. No tour the France or off road mountain biking. No, just a good bike and getting from one place to another. With a lot of sightseeing along the way. I think it would be really nice to bike from town to town as you see more along the road, like smaller villages. And it would be easier to stop along the road when you see something nice. Just park the bikes and you can stroll around.

These days a bike holiday would be more easy to plan as well as these days there are  hotel chains up North that offer biking around holidays where you do not have to carry your own luggage when cycling and exploring. They make sure your suitcases will be delivered at the next hotel. Or you can bring your own tent and sleeping bag with you and sleep at campsites.

Why would you do it? it’s not just riding from A to B, there’s lots of places to visit en route. Whether it’s for lunch, a good photo stop or just to enjoy the sunset. If you need to bike a longer distance these breaks will make it more do-able as well, even with kids. It is on my to do list for the future with our girl.

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Traveling with kids

Before our little girl was born my guy and I discussed traveling, and then mainly with a plane,  with a newborn or a toddler. It did not take long before we found out we both think the same about this. And it’s mainly the thought that it is not done. Well in our opinion.  Although there are circumstances where we would understand, like family abroad. But not for a fun trip. Why would you bring young children on a plane – and even for hours and hours? Like there are no good holidays closer to home? Like said I do understand there are circumstances where the parents live abroad and you do would like to show your little one to your parents.

We went to Lisbon last june and we saw some parents dragging (oh yes dragging by the arm) a kid around the city to go explore it. It ended up with a frustrated dad and mum, both angry at each other and the kid. And…well then there was yelling at the kid. In that case the kids were no newborns anymore but still quite young. I understand you would like to do things with your kids as well, because I am one of those that feel you should not do nothing anymore because you have a kid. But a holiday can be something else then a city trip. When kids are a bit older, like when they can walk themselves we feel you can bring your kids. We would then do some kids stuff as well. One day a museum and the next day some funfair, theme park or other thing where the kid(s) would be happy. And then we got back to those parents with that kid dragging and shouting at it in Lisbon. Who knows if they were at a funfair the day before and had planned a day in the park so the kid could play all day? So who were we to judge? It did made us think about traveling with kids. Seems not that easy as you think. Or is it?

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Dressing Up


lindex springsummer_0001

The Swedish store LINDEX just showed their spring and summer collection. Well a few pieces of course. But usually it will outline what direction they are heading with their main collection. As they always have different collections to cater to everyones needs. I feel that the regular women collections is always something to look forward too. I always have a few pieces that I would love to have. And this time they make me very curious for the spring to come.

With this collection they flirted a bit with the 70s style and they also try to bring denim back into like in various items. For they 70s pieces they were inspired by strong women like Brigit Bardot and Lauren Hutton. And even with a wink to the 70s I feel you can see the Scandinavian style in the clothes. I am not sure how to say it in English but a bit of minimalistic and simple. But not simple as easy but more that there is not too much added to the pieces. No 20 buttons just for fun. But neat lines. The denim collection will get more attention throughout the spring. These pieces already look very promising don’t you thing? Sadly a denim dress or blouse never looks good on me. But maybe I just have to try it on once more.
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Fist of all I wish all of you a Happy New Year!

One of the things my guy and I want for a longer time is a new chair in our living room. It needs to be a little bit of an eye catcher, it must be comfortable and my guy likes to sit on it in front of the tv so he can play games up close to the screen. So it has some points that needs to be toggled.

And right now, well I am not so sure how fast we will get another chair because we have this big baby box in there taking a bit of space as well. Of course what my guy would prefer Continue Reading

On the Road


Since the first icehotel in Sweden, which was founded in 1989, this hotel will rise in cold winterly Sweden. An can be found in Jukkasjärvi. Every year it will be build and every year it will look different. Besides ice they put a lot of effort in the art displayed in the hotel. This year visitors could make suggestions for the rooms. The snow and natural ice they used to build it is coming from one of Europe’s last wild rivers Torne river which lies 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.  People can enjoy it until nature warms up and the hotel will melt in spring.

There are different rooms to chose from. And if you would like to stay and enjoy the north a bit longer but one night in a cold icy room is enough they have packages where you stay one night in a cold icy room in combination with a stay in a warm chalet. You can learn how to ice sculpture and enjoy a dinner on ice. Continue Reading

On the Road


Oh Casa Sintra Guesthouse

It has been a long time since we visited Sintra, but I still had to share this place to stay. Simply because it is absolutely lovely. We stayed a few days at Oh Casa Sintra. I wrote before that our stay in Cascais was great, but this one was great too. A tap on the shoulder for me, for finding these online. Oh yes, I just did that. But this was a great find. It starts with the place. There is a parking area and it has a nice garden where you can sit and relax. We had breakfast in the garden but also a late afternoon glass of wine. Continue Reading