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Wintercamping in Sweden

Winter is near, and the nights are getting colder. When waking up the roofs are covered with this tiny frost layer. This slight frost is very lovely in the morning when the sun in shining. I know, especially when you are sitting inside sipping your coffee all snuggled up under a blanket. Did you ever think of going camping during winter time? I can tell you that I have not. I mean…I am not that brave. I do love a good winter outdoorsy walk, where you feel the cold on your cheeks but camping would be a whole other story.

But let me tell you that ‘winter camping’ is getting more and more something to do. Thinking of Sweden or Switzerland where you have those pretty landscapes covered with snow and tall trees. You can go camping in a campervan but glamping in nice and fancy places are getting more popular as well. I always said: once in my life, I would like to spend Christmass up North. In the snow, in a cabin with a good fireplace. Just me and my family.

Imagine sleeping on a ski slope, and being the first in the morning on the slope. I like snowboarding but have not done it for years and even then I was a beginner so I guess if we ever go winter camping we just go outside to walk and enjoy the surroundings. Maybe enjoy a good campfire and baking a sausage in the fire. Would you go camping in the snow?

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In need of a little ‘hygge’

The days get colder and darker, and winter is coming! I love the pretty lights from traffic when I am in a train home and you stare outside. I love snuggling up under a blanket and lighting up candles in the house. But the changing of the seasons and weather also make me a bit moody and melancholic. I long for the winter coziness. Maybe best described as the Danish ‘hygge‘.

Hygge might be explained as something like enjoying the good things in life and sharing it with the people you love.  The warm glowing light of candles and snuggling up under a blanket. Best with good food and drinks. A nice red wine or what about gluhwein. It might not be weird longing for this as the Danes are known to be the happiest people on the planet. But somehow it also feels a tad depressing to me, well maybe that is more the longing for the hygge-feeling. Luckily for me, hygge can also be found in the little things, like a cup of hot choco with a good dash of whipped cream.

The word hygge has its origins in Norwegian languages and not Danish. It comes from the word ‘wellbeing’. And yes, I am very well when sitting with family around a fireplace sipping a cup of hot choco or enjoying a good red wine.

Last weekend I went out for an event in the outdoors. It was to plant trees in a nature reserve kind or area. We also took a walk with a guide who told us more about the trees that grow in that area. After a long walk, my hands and nose got cold. Luckily there were big open fires for people to stand around and warm up and enjoy each others company. A day well spent.
Time for me to dive into some cookbooks and plan our Christmas dinner. My parents and sister are coming over for some hygge!
How do you enjoy hygge and are you looking forward to the last days of the year?


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Helsinki Design Week

While looking forward to the Dutch Design week (22-30 oct, Eindhoven) Helsinki’s Design week just started. It’s something I would highly recommend. The why is simple. Helsinki has a great design area. With cool stores and many quirky shops with upcoming designers. And what is not to enjoy about strolling down that area while passing nice coffee shops? Helsinki Design week has many events spread throughout the city. If you like design, in any way, this might be a good time to explore Helsinki. Enjoy and explore the city and be sure to visit some of the design week events.

So let me talk about this years event for a little bit, and highlight a few events:

Sauna Talks is a series of discussions that address the Finnish sauna culture and five socially intriguing topics. The sauna discussions involve specialists from the City of Helsinki, some well-informed citizens and creative minds inspired by the sauna.
How cool would that be, enjoying a sauna whilst discussing?

Suvilahti is the place to be for kids. children can peek into Jenni Erkintalo and Reka Kiraly’s book ‘House Behind the Corner’ that creates a framework of spatial architecture. Build your own LEGO house, follow a workshop or just enjoy the buzz around Kattilahalli.

This is something that you should add to your list as there will be near to 200 companies. And who doesn’t love sale. Find some amazing clothes, accessories, furniture and interior products. I know, I would a stroll.

It’s a workshop where you will learn how to design and draw a custom lettering piece. What about creating your own poster with a cool quote? And not to worry because this workshop will also be given in English when there will be foreign participants.

This is another cool event in Helsinki, which I hope to experience one day. For this year I will stick to the Dutch version of Design week. If you are going to visit, I would love to hear from you. I get excited when reading the programme and watch photo’s of previous editions. For more information and the full programme you can visit the clear website:



Almost two months have passed since my last post. I do not know what happened, it is two months later before I could blink with my eyes. My mini human is growing so fast. And I realised I am not the cool mum. I am not one of those that seem to manage everything,  one that goes out and about when their little one is only a few weeks old. I still have days where coffee is my best friend and I am not joking when I say that last Friday evening we, my guy and I, were in bed at freaking 9 o’clock. Really. We were exhausted.

Our little one is so lovely. She starts to smile with twinkly eyes of adoration when she sees one of our cats. She tries to crawl and moves around the floor and she is not even 7 months old. She likes daddies guitar and her baby keyboard. She still smiles a lot and she is just amazing. But her world is getting bigger and that takes a lot of energy. But she is a stubborn little girl, and she does not wanna sleep. She loves attention but plays on her own just as easy. And when she is waking up and 5.30 in the morning and I am standing next to her crib half asleep wondering why the …[and yes add some swear words in here] she is wide awake already. Well then smiles at me, her eyes looking for mine and well at that moment my heart just melts. I love her so much.

But I have not been blogging at all. She goes to bed a little earlier the last days as her days are so full with exploring that she needs to go to sleep a wee earlier. So I start to have a little bit of evening for my own. Or I can finally snuggle up next to my guy and watch a movie. Or maybe it is finally the moment where we start to enjoy these hours before we go to sleep. So I hope to start blogging again.

As said above in the title there are a few blogs that I love to read at the moment, and yes I am sorry. I said I was not going to turn into some lady that can only talk about her little girl and motherhood. But then whom was I kidding and what was I thinking. Becoming a mum simply does change your world and your life. Sadly I am not as cool as some mums but I think I am quite okay. So here is my little list.

Well, I actually followed her on Instagram. She was pregnant and has just become a mum and it all seems so easy on her. Her blog is in Dutch, sorry for some of you here! I started following her because I liked her food and house and interior posts.

I was a fan already before my little mini was born. It is about kids, life, fashion and a lot of inspiration inspired by all things Scandinavian. Yeah, that sounds like something I would like, doesn’t it?
This Christmas I even won something from this blog, which is pretty amazing. She blogs a lot about kids clothing, lifestyle, travel ideas and fashion.

Actually, I just found out about this one. So I am not sure if this blog is a keeper on the reading list. But this post about certain time or places where you should make photo’s of your kids is a great one.

I love these photos about her life as a family. The peek into their lives and home. Somehow you just wanna join in with all the fun they seem to have.

Oh yeah, this has nothing to do with babies! She is a very cool Dutch photographer and she makes the most loveliest photos of weddings. Outdoor style with loads of nature. Me likes. So yeah I like reading her post as a photographer but also a girl/woman who is sometimes dreaming about her wedding. So check her work!


Interior & Design


Ikea teamed up with Ingegerd Råman, one of Swedish most known glas designer. Who together with Nike Karlsson and Wiebke Braasch designed the new VIKTIGT collection. This collection has handmade products from glas and natural fibers and stand out in pure simplicity.

And I cannot wait for these to hit the shop. I need to plan an Ikea visit in early may. I have white plates with an edge like these from another store. But they do not sell them anymore. I think it would be cool to mix it up with some of these black beauties don’t you think. And maybe some Marimekko black and white mugs. I can’t wait for those summer dinners outside. For that I also need a stop over at Ikea to buy some items for my balcony. Because I still have nothing don’t there. And in spring it is so nice to sit there up high. I can picture it, sitting in the sun and enjoying some lunch or dinner with this plates.


On the Road


The sun is shining these days, not very powerful and not for long periods but we can all feel it. Spring is coming. And with that the summer holiday plan making time. Or maybe you already did that. We are not sure jet. We have plans to take the car to Germany and travel around. It will be our fist holiday with the little one. One thing I would like to do when she is a bit older is a bike holiday in Denmark.

Not talking the real bike-like people. No tour the France or off road mountain biking. No, just a good bike and getting from one place to another. With a lot of sightseeing along the way. I think it would be really nice to bike from town to town as you see more along the road, like smaller villages. And it would be easier to stop along the road when you see something nice. Just park the bikes and you can stroll around.

These days a bike holiday would be more easy to plan as well as these days there are  hotel chains up North that offer biking around holidays where you do not have to carry your own luggage when cycling and exploring. They make sure your suitcases will be delivered at the next hotel. Or you can bring your own tent and sleeping bag with you and sleep at campsites.

Why would you do it? it’s not just riding from A to B, there’s lots of places to visit en route. Whether it’s for lunch, a good photo stop or just to enjoy the sunset. If you need to bike a longer distance these breaks will make it more do-able as well, even with kids. It is on my to do list for the future with our girl.

Photo | Danish tourism board



Before our little girl was born my guy and I discussed traveling, and then mainly with a plane,  with a newborn or a toddler. It did not take long before we found out we both think the same about this. And it’s mainly the thought that it is not done. Well in our opinion.  Although there are circumstances where we would understand, like family abroad. But not for a fun trip. Why would you bring young children on a plane – and even for hours and hours? Like there are no good holidays closer to home? Like said I do understand there are circumstances where the parents live abroad and you do would like to show your little one to your parents.

We went to Lisbon last june and we saw some parents dragging (oh yes dragging by the arm) a kid around the city to go explore it. It ended up with a frustrated dad and mum, both angry at each other and the kid. And…well then there was yelling at the kid. In that case the kids were no newborns anymore but still quite young. I understand you would like to do things with your kids as well, because I am one of those that feel you should not do nothing anymore because you have a kid. But a holiday can be something else then a city trip. When kids are a bit older, like when they can walk themselves we feel you can bring your kids. We would then do some kids stuff as well. One day a museum and the next day some funfair, theme park or other thing where the kid(s) would be happy. And then we got back to those parents with that kid dragging and shouting at it in Lisbon. Who knows if they were at a funfair the day before and had planned a day in the park so the kid could play all day? So who were we to judge? It did made us think about traveling with kids. Seems not that easy as you think. Or is it?

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